This is where I intend to post all of my endless ramblings on any issue that crosses my mind. These don’t have another clear position on my site other than here. You can learn a little about me by reading these rants and positions.

            I hate dependency. I hate having to go to work every day. I always thought that by 35 I would be wealthy enough to do whatever I want. However here I am. Not there yet. I’m actually not even self-employed yet.  So while I’m waiting to win the lottery I should probably start working harder towards my dreams. If I’m not rich, I should enjoy and improve my current situation to the best of my ability. So I would like to be self-employed, help others, and work on something that I enjoy. This website is my aim at all 3. If this site becomes successful, it could become a full time income for me.  It would also be helping others. The best way to be successful is to work on something you enjoy. This site is what I enjoy. It’s essentially a blog about my passion. I hope that others may feel a connection with me and want to connect with me on a more personal level. If so, I may be able to monetize that to gain my independence. If not, I will at least be working on something I enjoy and hopefully at least a few other people will enjoy it too. 

AM I REAL? 2017





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