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Am I real?

Yes and no. I’m a real person living a real awesome life. I’m doing real things in my real life. I’m raising a family. I’m hitting personal goals and generally just killing it. So, am I real as far as this website and project are concerned? Well I want to be. It’s my dream.

                Is this just a fantasy? Or a real thing that is actually happening in real life? My whole task here is to take this fantasy from your mind and move it into real life. We all have these secret fantasies that we like to indulge in from time to time, but why don’t we ever take real steps to make these fantasies a reality?

                I’m successful. The people that have potential to make these fantasies reality are successful as well. we have to be somewhat successful to have the luxury to consider our fantasies. You need to have the time and resources to commit to something as ambitious as this. You also need to be a dreamer, a doer, someone who isn’t satisfied with settling for the status quo.

                There are people that have these qualities and abilities. To these people I’m one of the realest things they will ever experience in their life. If you are the type of person that really loves to experience life and really wants to experience what you thought could only be fantasized about, then this will be one of the realist moments in your life. It’s a point where the impossible becomes possible.

                This last year I experienced a lifelong dream of mine that I truly thought was impossible in my lifetime. Achieving this has changed my life. It’s not so much of what that particular experience was, I mean it was insanely awesome, but how it has affected every other aspect of my life.  Now that I’ve done this, everything else in the world seems not only possible but easy. It’s given me more perceived control over my life and my cognitive experience.

                This is my hope for this service to you. I want this service to be life-changing on a number of levels. For those people that are like me, making a move in real life to achieve this experience is going to be worth any cost incurred tenfold. To experience something that you truly could only imagine to this point is an experience beyond description. The bonus is how it changes every other aspect of your life. If you are able to make something happen in real life that you thought only existed in fantasy, then your outlook and ability to control every other aspect of life is changed. Once you push yourself beyond your limit to achieve the impossible, other limits start to fade and look more like hurdles than limits.