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I see people jog every day. I often feel like they would appreciate the service that I’m offering and I feel like I just want to stop them and get to know them. Sure the everyday joggers are great but the ones that really intrigue me are the ones I can tell have recently started jogging. I’ve been one of them a few times and probably should be right now. Maybe in 6 months, I’ve got another fitness plan for now. Every time I see one of these people, they inspire and intrigue me. I’m inspired that they have actually gone outside and actually went for a jog. Many people want to or should, but this person actually did. They want to take control of their life. Fitness can be a hard thing to control but they are acting. Fitness is an impossible thing to control if you never actually do anything but dream about it. 

The fitness part of jogging is pretty cool in itself, but I always see more in these people. I see that they are taking responsibility for their situation. So many people have excuses for everything and depend on others for everything. This jogger is different. They are the one that is going to make a difference for themselves. I always assume that this carries over to other parts of their life too. This person is going to succeed. Maybe they don’t have the perfect life at the moment, but they have the will to improve what they want to. This person wants more. Maybe their life is perfect. Either way, they want more. I see a person striving for self actualization. This inspires me.

The every day jogger is great. They are great people and I assume they are well on their way to what they want. The new jogger is the one I love. Often you can tell these people may have never jogged before or that their body isn’t built for jogging. I have empathy for these people because once I was in great shape and everything was easy for me. Now I’m not in excellent shape and I have my flaws that I know would be hard to fix or impossible to change. The new jogger tells me that the imperfections don’t matter, what matters is the desire for improvement. I’m not only talking about jogging here, but anything. I would rather be with the first time joggers that look awkward and out of place than the people who have a naturally great body that requires no effort to get or maintain. I know the new jogger has at least something in common with me – the desire to improve. I assume they have an open mind and would be a great person all around.

Maybe I'm reading a little too far into these people. I'm just telling you what I think about sometimes when I see people running.