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Well I’m going to make some people mad here. I want to talk about money. People don't like to talk about money, its bad manners to do so. Well this is my site so I can post what I like. Also if you are interested in my services, you probably don't mind learning more about me. So here I go.

I price my services how I see fit. For some people these prices are reasonable and fair, for some they are unaffordable. There are those people that I don't capture their attention because my price is lower than they would expect to pay for this kind of service. They may pass me up because they think quality needs to cost more. That is a possibility but the main point of this particular post is for me to explain and justify my pricing philosophy to those who think I’m too expensive.  

Someone may think my services are absurd and to pay anything for them would be ridiculous. That is another topic. This post is to sell the value of my service. Here I’m speaking to those of you that have some interest in my ideas and views but think my price is too high.

First let me say that I’m doing this as a passion. If you want to start a conversation with me - email is free. Email me. Next I want to say that my ideas and views expressed her are my passion but another part of my dream is to make a living from this site. That said, it's not the sole purpose of this site either. 

I make a decent living now. I'm not rich and not poor. I have priced my services as I think is fair. I could perform some services for less or for free but I choose not to. I priced them so that I feel fairly compensated while performing them and hopefully you will feel satisfied with the value you receive. 

A concern may be that you want to pay for my service but feel I’ve overpriced the service. My response is that I’m sorry to hear that but I stand by my prices. I hope that you value me enough to want to pay me. If you do, contact me and we'll discuss things. If you think that my prices are just crazy, I just invite you to compare me with some other person that provides a service to you. I think that I’m right in the range for other industries. I'm hoping that you will value me more than just some other person that is performing a trade service for you.

To those of you that truly can't afford my prices, email me. Maybe I will add to this page concerning your situation at some point, but not today. For now, if this is you, email me.

Am I offering a service that I would purchase? Yes. The fact is that I would purchase my own service. Of course there are caveats. The fact is that I’m not in the position now that I would be willing to pay for some of the services that I offer and I can't afford some services that I offer. Were my personal situation different, I would be willing to purchase these services.

Obviously I think that these services are worthwhile or I wouldn't pitch them to you. Oh wait, you're used to a typical salesman that will sell you anything to get a commission with no regard to whether or not the service has any value to you. I've said before that I’m not a salesman and I’m not. My hope is that through your own education of reading about my values and ambitions on this site that you may find a value to yourself personally in purchasing a service I offer. 

In conclusion, I think the services I offer are worthwhile and valuable - not to everyone but to some. The real question is if these services will be of value to you. You are the only one that can make that determination. My job is to present myself to you the best that I can so that you may make an informed decision for yourself.