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Maybe I’m just a pig. I’m attracted to women. I look at women. Really I look at everyone. You might say I’m an equal opportunity observationist. I “check out” women of all shapes and sizes, and I check out guys too. Now does that mean I want to have sex with everyone? No. especially not the guys. I just like to look at people. So I probably look at people more than the average person. The thing I want to write about is why people get offended if they catch someone checking them out. Actually why women spend so much time working on their look and then get upset if someone notices them.

We all enjoy looking good. We can get this feeling from our physical body, our clothes, our car, even just when a good song comes on the radio. Everyone has that moment when they feel superior to those people around them. It’s often the feeling of  you wish you were me. Or I’m better than you. It’s that feeling when everything is going your way for the moment. This feeling isn’t your normal contentment with yourself and your life. I’m talking about the feeling that is somewhat directed towards other strangers in your midst at the moment you get this feeling. It’s the “I look good to you because I’m better than you.” feeling. The funny thing about this is it’s often from someone who is less well off in general towards someone that is more well off overall. Maybe it’s the person giving you the evil eye at the stop light like they are a bad ass and you’re trash. This person may have a 99 civic with aftermarket wheels and a loud stereo. They tear off the line on green like they are so cool, even though they are driving a two thousand dollar car and you’re driving a thirty thousand dollar car. Okay another example. 2 hot chicks all dressed up and hair done, make up, everything. Smoking hot. They having coffee at Starbucks and they catch my eye as I walk by. Maybe I smile their way, maybe not. This time they notice that I looked at them. Then they give me a disgusted look like I just tried to rape them. Is it the worst insult in the world that I looked at them? Or that I find them attractive for a split second?