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Equality is not a natural law. There is a version of the definition of fairness that could be a natural law, but either way, fair does not necessitate equality. I want more wealth. I would love for you to give me some of yours. I don't think I have any right to your wealth and I think you have every right to your wealth....and all of its benefits. 


I want to be one.

One question I often consider is what type of responsibilities we should have to each other. My beliefs are well considered and defined. But I know a lot of people think that the rich people should give a certain amount to those less fortunate. That amount almost always seems to be more. I do believe in charity to some degree but I’m tired of always hearing complaints about what we are owed by other people.

                Just the other day I heard some story on the radio. (I listen to a lot of talk radio, primarily NPR) the story was about the guy who lost his job and his house. Of course his wife couldn’t work because she was disabled. She had some stress problem – she couldn’t work because the stress made her freak out or something. Anyways. They were talking to the people and the kids about how tough it was. They were running out of unemployment or something. They had lost the house, cars, storage unit with their stuff in it. After telling us how they lost all the stuff, the dad notified the kids that the cable and internet was about to be shut off. Life was tough.

                I’ve heard this before. We’re so poor we lost everything. Poor us. Now they are going to shut off our cable service that we pay $150 a month for. Really people? Is cable tv a life necessity? I don’t pay for cable and I have a comfortable income. It’s just not a priority in my life. How am I supposed to feel bad for these “poor people” that have nicer “stuff” than I do? I can’t believe that going to work is more stressful for the wife than sitting at home with no income to buy food. I can’t believe that she gets disability benefits for being stressed. Disability to me is missing a couple legs or something, not being unable to work because you don’t like it… that’s why it’s called work.

                I heard someone say that if you evenly distributed all the wealth of the world, all the formerly rich people would control all the wealth again in like 2 years or something. It’s made up. You could never know, but it seems to be a good hypothesis to me.

                Anyways my point of this little rant is that if its yours, its yours. I don’t claim to have a right to your stuff and I don’t think other people do either. Would I like some of your wealth through any means possible? Sure. But I only think you have to give it to me if you choose… or if I swindle it from you in some manner.