The special thing about me is………………… my connection with you. Maybe a couple other things but what am I the best at? Nothing. Well I may be able to make an argument that I’m the best possible parent of my two boys. I mean I am a pretty kick ass dad and I am their biological dad… I’m pretty sure at least.

Very few people are the best in the world at something. Hence the definition of best. Given that, there are many more people that claim to be the best. I’m not the handsomest, strongest, youngest, oldest, smartest, nicest, and a million other “ests.”

So what am I? Well let’s start with what I can offer you. Everything that I do offer you, there is probably someone who is better at it and or would provide it cheaper. Now that I’ve basically admitted to being good for nothing, let me try to make a case that I can provide you with something of value. I’m hoping the fact that you’re reading this means that we share at least some interest. That means that you found me. There is always something out there better but you may look forever and never find it.

I hope to make a personal connection with you on issues that are important to you and that you don’t share with other people. I intend to do this by sharing some of my views in hope that you share them or have similar feelings. The main theme of the site is sharing something you don’t share with other people. You could endeavor to do this by just sharing with someone you know, or by sharing with someone you don’t. I hope that you form a special type of connection with me through the fact that I’m taking this topic on and choose to make me that special person for you.

I won’t claim to be the best, but ultimately you define your own values and I strive to become the best for you.


Well that probably wasn’t what you expected to find when you go to the about me page.

A little more generic version would be that I’m a white male of average height and build that is 35-45 with a wife and two boys. I grew up in a small town in a good home with not much extra money. I have a BA in philosophy and economics. My wife and I each work full time. We earn a decent income and live a nice middle class life. 

That is pretty basic and pretty vague. I'm not the kind of guy to just lay everything out there at once. I prefer to expose only a little and see if you have an interest, if so we go from there. If you have questions about me, email me

I will expand this at some point. I know it’s pretty terrible at the moment. When I do expand it, it will be more about my personal views or dreams than details about my personal life. I want you to connect with me because we have true similarities or curiosities rather than a coincidence like our kids are in the same math class.

One of my dreams, believe it or not, has always been to create a place like this site to provide a place for people to share their most private thoughts with me. 

A goal I have in building this site is to create a place where people want to share and connect with me in the deepest and most personal ways possible. 

I have other goals as everyone does. I will develop these on other pages of this site. I hope you find something you like or that you share my thoughts about. If so, please email me.

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