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I’m in my late 30's. Maybe not the traditional age for a midlife crisis, but I believe I’ve been having one since I was 15. I’ve always been searching for my passion in life. I do have hobbies and interests, but I’ve always been looking for that thing. That thing that I believe in, that I can pour my life’s effort into. Something that I can be the best at, an identifier for myself.

I’m successful personally and financially to a reasonable degree. I’m not looking for a hobby. I have plenty. I don’t have a ton of free time. I have a job and two boys.  I’m not looking for a religion. I’m not looking for answers. (At least not in this endeavor) What I am looking for is something I can lose myself in. I’m looking for that thing that I can be the best at. That thing that is me. The thing that I will never tire of working on. The thing that I’m the go-to guy on.

I really think this project could be that thing – my thing. I have a couple reasons for believing in this more than any of my get rich quick schemes. This is something that I have thought about forever. Something that has always interested me. It’s something I truly enjoy working on. Something I believe in completely. Something that is part of me.  I’ve always had thoughts and feelings that I’ve never shared. I’ve always been interested connecting with people with similar feelings or connecting with people vastly different from myself. I’m very open-minded, I crave new people and perspectives.

I’m hoping to cure my lifelong search for my purpose. I’m hoping to satisfy my desire to connect. I’m hoping to do so by becoming the perfect solution to your search. I want to be the person that I have always dreamt of having. Someone you can share everything with. I mean EVERYTHING. The things you would never consider sharing with anyone.

Help me conquer my quest by sharing yours with me. Email me