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“I’m not a salesman.” Says the guy who created a whole site to sell himself.

I really am doing my best to sell myself and my ideas to you. My problem is that I’ve never been a salesman and the only way I know how to try, is to be a salesman I would like to buy from. I think the best salesman is one who truly believes in what he’s selling, realizes that everything isn’t for everyone, even if he totally believes in it, would only sell to someone if he believed the service was in their interest, and that they would be completely happy with the purchase into the future.

This website is my attempt to expand my business. I would love to make a good enough living from my services to quit my day job.  With this website I’m hoping to reach more people that are interested in what I offer. So my big sales pitch is essentially if you find me interesting email me

So I guess my big sales pitch is to ask you to do whatever you would like to do. If you would like to close this webpage - goodbye. If you would like to start a discussion with me and possibly purchase a service from me - please do so. Obviously I hope that you find me interesting but if you don’t I’m not going to try to convince you that I have what you need. All I have is myself and my ideas. I want to use those to provide any service you desire. C’mon if that isn’t the ultimate pitch then what is?

Really you can probably tell by now that I have no sales experience and that I’m a little uncomfortable attempting this. So I’m done with this page. I will put my effort into other areas in hopes that one or more of those resonates with you in a way that makes you want more from me.

Please contact me if my content interests you. The first goal of this site is to connect with likeminded people.  So I guess that is my big sales pitch – don’t buy anything from me, just email me if you find my ideas interesting.