This is my hobby. I’m not a website developer. I’m just a guy. My interest is in the information, not the presentation. It’s okay if you laugh at my site. I just hope to present useful information. If I’m successful on content, maybe I can put more effort into presentation at some point.

In creating this site I’m aiming at two goals. I would like to promote the services that I offer in hopes of expanding my business. I’m also doing this as a way to document my ideas. Sometimes it’s easier to present myself in this way so that you can explore my ideas that you find most interesting. This way you can have a rough idea of who I am when you contact me. You can already have an idea about my position on certain subjects.

                My goal is personal connections. I would hope to connect based on the content rather than the presentation so I’m putting all my effort into content. Latter I may be able to spend some time and money shining up the site, but as of now, I’m just working on connecting with you.  It’s my site. That should sum it up. I’m not dumb, but I’m not building this site as a demonstration of my html abilities – none – or my expertise in speling and graMmar. I’m trying to convey ideas. There are mistakes all over this site. I see most of them, maybe I’ll fix them some day. But I want to communicate ideas, so if you’re getting the idea, I’m satisfied.

                I may use odd words or order them in a way that isn’t normal. Often I’ll do this on purpose to make a point or be specific. I do ramble a lot on here but I do have a degree in philosophy and know how to form an argument. I hate it when people say "That’s not what I meant to say," or "That’s not what I meant." – Are they telling me that they don’t know the English language well enough to express their thoughts? Not likely. Usually the real reason for the excuse is that they really don’t know what they think or should think about something so they use the excuse of that’s not what I meant, when what they should of said is nothing or I don’t know. People don’t use those tools enough these days – silence or I don’t know.

                Another thing. I may use profanity on here. I don’t do that in real life unless I’m drinking beer around the campfire with the boys or some situation where it’s permissible. I use it on here just because I use it more often as a thought than I do in speech, also maybe just for emphasis as is usually the case. Or just for fun. It may not be professional or sophisticated, but you’re not paying me. So if it really bothers you, you could write me a check and I’ll clean it up. Not trying to offend, I guess I just view the internet as the wild west. So until the sheriff reprimands me. I’m speaking (or writing) freely.

Another thing. I see that there are some mistakes on here and there are times where I may write something that doesn’t exactly agree with something I’ve written somewhere else. Well I’m putting this together over time. If you have a question about something please contact me. One of the main goals of this project is to reach new people, so contact me. I’m just putting in this note because recently I looked over this site and there are a couple things that I would like to update or change. I’m not going to worry about that very much. I would rather accept small problems and produce more than worry about every little detail being just perfect. In this instance, I’m trying to present information. In other instances I won’t accept any problems whatsoever. But here, they way the site flows or if a link doesn’t work is not my main concern.