What are these “Stranger Services” that I offer anyways?

Put simply, I offer whatever you desire. Period. 

My vision of what these services are is ultimately shared experiences between the two of us that you determine. Specifically I want to be your travel companion - across the globe or through your mind.

The capacity that I serve you can vary to your exact desires. Maybe you just need someone to be your companion while you take a vacation. Maybe you need someone that you can talk to intimately about things you can’t share with those around you. Whatever you want, I would love to provide.

That said, I do offer variations of a pre-packaged service. This service is my Las Vegas FLY AWAY.This service is often a good starting point no matter what your personal goals are.

       More generally I truly want to do whatever you want to pay me to do. My dream is to make my living solely from this website.  I would write you a personal letter, I would let you cut my hand off, I would love for you to make me an indecent proposal.  Whatever you can imagine I will do. Currently I still have to work for someone else for a living. My dream is to make a living providing very personalized services for you. So whatever you are interested in, I would love to discuss it with you.

You can find more details on what I offer in the links at the bottom of this page. I would just like to clearly state that I would like to do anything that you can imagine. I want to be the one person that you can share with without fearing any kind of judgment. I hope that the things you read on my website will make you feel a connection with me and that you would desire to help me achieve my goals as I would like to help you achieve yours.