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So when you start talking about secrets and fantasies, sex comes up pretty quickly.

Do I offer sexual services? – Yes.

Is that legal? – I doubt it.

I’ve never provided this service before but would love to. The reason I would love to is because it would mean a significant payday for me. I truly want to provide whatever my client desires including sex if so desired. However, I’m not a two-bit whore. The price for a service that would include sex would start at $100k.

At this price point you can see that I’m serious about what I hope to offer you. For most people this isn’t even a possibility but for some people it is. If these people are serious about experiencing their ultimate fantasy then I’m sure we can work the details out privately.

I just wanted to add this page to again state that I’m serious about doing anything for anyone. I really would love to provide any service listed on my site or any imaginable by you.

If you’re looking for a cheap discreet rendezvous, I may not be your most economical option.

If you’re looking for privacy, exclusivity, secrecy, and fantasy then you have definitely found a one of a kind experience. I look forward to meeting you.