Really I don’t know anything about you. There isn’t one type of person I’m trying to reach. I can’t say that what I’m offering is only for a certain type of person. I’m trying to meet as many people as possible. It’s really up to you to decide if I’m offering something that interests you or not. I would prefer to meet people vastly different from myself. We could offer each other very different perspectives.That said, people similar to myself will be interesting as well because we may relate on some things that we have always kept to ourselves. There is a chance that you read this and think that I'm not talking about you. Maybe you think that I'm insincere in my desire to connect with a diverse group. I assure you - I'm not. If you're a weirdo or you think that I'm a weirdo, then I'm hoping to reach you specifically. The more different we are, the more fun we'll have. If you think that we are the exact same, that we think a lot alike, then lets talk. Lets meet.

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Okay. I just thought I would expand this a little…

I really do hope to meet any type of person with any type of issue they would like to share with me. To be completely clear - that means any man, woman, child, or thing that thinks, or believes, or is interested in absolutely anything from a random companion, to discussing suicide, to discussing fantasies of any type including any type of sexual, illegal, immoral ideas, actions, or experiences.

The list above is meant to be a sample of issues that I’m perfectly comfortable discussing with you. That isn’t to say that your issue has to be extreme. I would love to fulfill your desires in the most mundane way imaginable. I’m just hoping to convey that I’m truly interested in everyone with every issue.

So please don’t read my site and conclude that I’m not for you. I may not have written something directly pertaining to the issue you’re interested in but that doesn’t mean that I’ve never considered it or that I’m not interested in you or it. Please just email me and we will start the conversation.

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