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My dream client is a billionaire I’ve never heard of. Hey even a multi-millionaire could fit the bill.

My dream client has enough money so that $10 million is a drop in the bucket to them. My dream would be to be employed by someone that can afford my most expensive service as a very small luxury to them. They would be able to pay me $5 million like I’m able to pay $5 for an ice cream cone.

My dream client would truly believe in and value the service and idea that I’m trying to share here. They would be someone that is really looking for a private connection with a secret partner. They would be someone who has wanted this exact service but didn’t know how to acquire this service from someone that really understood what they need and didn’t know how to find this service without having to let someone know that they were seeking this type of service.

My client would be seeking exactly what I’m offering and have the means to pay more than I’m asking for the service.

My dream client would want to pay me $3-5 million up front for a service agreement going into the future for some length of time. This person would have the means and desire to pay this sum for a service they believe to be worth more than I’m asking for it.

My dream client would be rich but not famous. I think logistics would be easier for a more anonymous millionaire or billionaire. That said I wouldn’t turn down a movie star.

My dream client would of course pay me to do nothing. That’s obviously a little unrealistic. So what would I do for this dream client? Anything they asked. I would guess that this client would have some secret they want to experience but don’t want anyone to know they have this desire. An obvious guess would be some type of sexual fantasy. Maybe they are in the closet and need an outlet? Maybe they just have a sexual desire that can’t be met in their real life.

My dream client would want to pay me for companionship. Maybe we met the first time for some other reason but after our meeting they valued the service I offered and my presence and companionship. They would like to take me along for new experiences. They would ask me to plan trips for us to go on together from general world travel to unique adventure and authentic experience trips. It would be like they are paying me a ton of money to do things I would enjoy doing anyways.

I imagine my dream client as being somewhat of an average person that feels slightly trapped by their circumstance. When you have a high net worth I imagine that you feel pressure to be a certain person. Maybe that’s not the case for everyone, but I could imagine many circumstances where this is the case – you have a ton of money but feel like you can’t buy what you truly want – the freedom to be who you truly want to be. Or maybe you are who you want to be but would just like to try being someone else but with absolute privacy.

My dream client would also care about me personally. They would value a personal relationship with me and want to be a part of my personal success while achieving a dream of their own. I guess that for me this usually boils down to relationships between people and I would hope that my client would not only appreciate the service I’m providing to them but also value me personally for connecting with them on a level they haven’t been able to achieve with someone else until now.